• A/W 2016
  • Sound Collection

    Cristy Italy’s Sound Collection aspires to give shape to what music creates inside the human soul: a symphonic bond between clean and harmonious sounds and simple materials and colors.

    Music is the soundtrack of every moment of our life: we listen to it, we feel it, we live it. Each piece of the Sound ...
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harp 3
  • A/W 2017
  • Cosmic Collection

    "Earth is where we live, but space has always been home for our imagination" Throughout history, humankind has been drawn to space.its inky blackness was not an empty place for our ancestors; instead, it was canvas for their myths and a stage on which their gods held forth. The Cosmo wasn't a remote or distant p...
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  • S/S 2017
  • Tribal Insticts

    In a world where rationality rules, we would like to give voice to what always keeps us alive . Instinct.

    It guided us from ancient times to survive and it's something we should not silence. The tribal Instinct collection comes thanks to the desire to bring back our primordial instinct, to remind us...
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