Made in Italy footwear for women:
modern style, handmade quality.


Via VII Strada 6
30030 Fossò (Ve)
phone (+39) 041 5170224


Our history

In the Riviera del Brenta

Cristy Italy is an Italian brand: we pride ourself on manufacturing some of the highest quality fashion footwear for women.

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100% Made in Italy

Our shoes are crafted with first choice materials, such as Nappa leather, suede, satin and hide.

Every creation begins with a careful selection of raw materials. Each step of the production is done from our own artisans, each shoe we make is a perfect example of Made in Italy refinement and style.

  • A/W 2017
  • Cosmic Collection

    "Earth is where we live, but space has always been home for our imagination" Throughout history, humankind has been drawn to space.its inky blackness was not an empty place for our ancestors; instead, it was canvas for their myths and a stage on which their gods held forth. The Cosmo wasn't a remote or distant place either; it was as close as their stories and as real as their understanding of the world. For Inca, Maya, Anasazi and other indigenous people, Astronomy was not a science.. rather, the movements of the sun and moon were the journeys of God personified. Cosmic Collection is the Solar System that you would like to wear if you desire to feel the Universe and be the essential part of it. It is the Earth, Pluto, Venus and all the planets and the stars on your feet and it gives you the possibility to float literally toward the new world that is inside you.


Grey cow hide, Purple suede with automatic buttons /


Printed leather and black cow hide / Heel 2 cm stitched rubber sole


Black leather , Black suede with automatic bottons /


Textile or velvet / Heel 120 mm


Cow hide , glitter elastic leather with leather laces / Wedge 90 mm wedge
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